Smash - Another Opnin, Another Show

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Another Opnin, Another Show

Original songwriter: Cole Porter

Another op'nin' another show

Yeah yeah yeah yeah

In Philly Boston or Baltimo'

In Philly Boston or Baltimo'

I like that

I like you

A chance

A chance for stage folks for stage folks

To say hello

To say hello ha ha ha, hu

Another op'nin' of another

Another op'nin' of another take it baby show

Ho ho here this way

Another job that you hope at last

Will make your future forget your past

Another pain where the ulcers grow

Another op'nin' of another show

Four weeks you rehearse and rehearse

Three weeks and it couldn't be worse

One week will it ever be right

Then out o' the hat out o' the hat

It's that big first night

The overture is about to start

You cross your fingers and hold your heart

It's curtain time and away we go

Another op'nin'

Another op'nin'

Another op'nin'

Of another show

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Disgocs ID

Soft Rock

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Artist Information

English trumpeter, born 14 January 1959 in London, England, UK.

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